Tariffs and terms of cooperation on Qjob.bg

We do not charge any commission on the order amount. You can publish tasks for free! Specialists pay us a fixed price per trade only.

Payment allows you to improve the site and attract more customers through advertising.

Trial tariff

You can complete the first task without paying for our services. Available to all users after registration.

Unlimited tariff

Allows you to perform an unlimited number of tasks and quotes during the tariff period. Recommended for all contractors and customers who often use the site.

Basic tariff

Payment is made only when the specialist is contracted by the customer. Specialists are charged separately for every bid.

How to choose the Unlimited tariff?

If you are an active user of the site, choose the Unlimited tariff. You may post an unlimited amount of bids. To choose the appropriate option, go to the Tariffs tab in the profile settings.

Your subscription is valid for
0 лв.
Your subscription is valid for
0 лв.
Your subscription is valid for
0 лв.

The longer the validity period of the Unlimited tariff, the higher the discount and the lower the conditional cost of the service.

To pay for the Unlimited tariff, first top up your profile account, then choose the intended validity period.

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