How to offer a task to a specific performer

If you find a profile of a suitable performer, you can offer him your task. Submit your order, go to the user page and click the "Submit task" button. It is located in the upper right corner.

- Why do other performers send me suggestions?
     Performers see that you have created a task for a specific person, but they can still offer you their services. If you fail to agree on cooperation with the selected user, you can study the list of offers and agree to work with another performer.

- Do I need to re-create the task in order to offer it to several people?
    One task can be offered to 5 performers. If none came up, duplicate the order and offer it to other executors.

- How to create a task again?
     Go to the section "My tasks" in your profile, select the order you want to repeat and publish it again.