How to choose a performer

You have created a task on the site and received the first responses. Go to the order page and carefully read all the proposals of the contractors.
    Pay attention to ratings and reviews
   When choosing, pay attention to the rating of the artist and the reviews of other customers who have collaborated with him earlier.
                    Chat with candidates
     In the offers you can see all the contact details of the performers. Call any of them, clarify all the details that interest you orally or write a personal message.
             To start chatting, click the "Write to chat" button opposite the offer that interests you. Only you can start a conversation with a performer, performers cannot write to you first.
                 Explore artist profiles
            On the page of each user there is a photo, information about him, a list of services that he provides. Pay attention to the categories in which the performer works, if he indicated the order of prices for his work, study them. Choose a profile that you trust.
Once you have made a decision with whom to cooperate, click the "Select" button next to the name of the artist you like, so you will assign him to your task.
          All performers on our website undergo a verification procedure. Before opening access to tasks, we ask the contractor to fill out a questionnaire and check the data. However, we recommend that you take a responsible attitude to the choice of the contractor and independently study all the information about him before entrusting him with your order.