How not to run into a fraud customer

Unfortunately, sometimes there are people among the customers who use the trust created by the service and deceive the performers. We manage to prevent many fraudulent schemes in advance, but there is no unnecessary precaution. Our recommendations will help you not to run into scammers completing tasks.

Leave offers with a payment condition through the Deal without risk service.

A risk-free transaction allows you to conveniently and safely pay for tasks and receive payment for their execution on a bank card. The cost of the task is debited from the customer's bank card and stored on a special account in the payment system. If the task is completed, the money will automatically go to the performer. If not, the amount is returned to the customer.

Be vigilant on assignments that require expenses on your part

The scheme is extremely simple. The fraudulent customer asks the contractor to redeem the product, coupon, ticket, gift, pay for the service online, top up the phone balance or virtual account, transfer money to a third party.

At the same time, the task describes another service that is not related to expenses: to clean an apartment, transport cargo, repair a refrigerator, etc. While the contractor is going to order, the customer calls and asks to urgently replenish his phone or buy some product, promising to pay back upon meeting.

Often it presses on pity: "I have a baby in my arms, there is no one to leave with", "yesterday I broke my leg, I cannot walk myself." At the same time, he is extremely polite, courteous, clarifies details, always in touch. Exactly until the moment the performer transfers the money.

The general gist of potentially dangerous assignments is that you have to spend your money first.
Offer to pay through a risk-free transaction or transfer the prepayment to your card. Does the customer refuse? Ask why. If the reason is “there is no such possibility”, “the card is blocked”, “issued by a rare bank, the money will take a long time”, say that you also do not have the required amount with you, offer to meet in person and receive cash against receipt.

If the customer cannot make an advance payment and is not ready to consider other options, this is a reason to think.
If, after your refusal, the customer begins to blackmail you with a negative review, immediately contact support.

Be careful with tasks in which you need to install a mobile application, test the site

If the customer asks to download a mobile application, for the installation of which you need to send an SMS, be careful. With the help of such programs, fraudsters can gain access to the management of the bank account, which is linked to your phone, and withdraw money from it without your knowledge.

Do not install unverified applications and do not send SMS to short numbers at the request of the customer.

We also do not recommend that you provide your bank card details on suspicious websites and mobile applications, if requested by the customer.

Study the customer profile carefully

  • Look when the customer signed up on the longer he is on the service, the more reliable.
  • Read reviews of other artists about him. Perhaps he regularly creates tasks asking for redemption and always pays for the tasks. If not, see what orders he creates to see if they seem suspicious.
  • Pay attention to the rating of the artists who have left reviews.

Briefly for those who are too lazy to read everything:

  • Leave offers with the condition of payment through the Deal without risk.
  • Be careful when making a request from a customer to pay something at your expense.
  • Do not install suspicious applications or programs on your device at the request of the customer.
  • Check customer reviews.

Follow these simple rules and you can keep yourself and your money safe from scammers.