How not to run into a scammer when choosing a performer

mportant recommendations on how to avoid meeting scammers and choose only reliable performers.

Pay for jobs through a secure service Risk-free deal

A risk-free transaction allows you to conveniently and safely pay for tasks and receive payment for their execution on a bank card. The cost of the task is debited from the customer's bank card and stored on a special account in the payment system. If the task is completed, the money will automatically go to the performer. If not, the amount is returned to the customer.

Explore the artist profile

Confirmed passport data

There are two types of performers on Qjob: verified and unverified. The verified contractor has verified his identity online by providing his Hungarian passport. Qjob confirms that the passport data is valid, and the performer is not in the wanted criminals database.

For unverified performers, QJob only checks personal contact information (phone, email). All other data specified in the artist's profile is not confirmed. If you transfer valuables to the performers, be sure to check and write down your passport data.


The more positive reviews the performer has, the more chances that he provides quality services and can be trusted. See what other customers write about the performer, especially if you are transferring money or material values ​​to him.

Badges and awards

Qjob rewards active performers with badges for various achievements. Badges appear on the profile of artists who value their reputation.

Registration date and confirmed contacts

The earlier the contractor registered on the service, the more chances that he perfectly knows the rules of the service and knows how to find a common language with customers. Also in the artist's profile you can see in which social networks he is registered and how many friends he has.

Draw up documents

We recommend that you always fix the terms of cooperation with the contractor and the process of implementing agreements on paper. Drawing up the relevant documents will not take more than 5-10 minutes, but it will help to defend your position in case of possible disputes.

When transferring money, goods or other valuables to the contractor, ask him to write a receipt (always indicating the contractor's passport data), which will remain with you until the completion of the work.

Write down all the conditions and stages of cooperation in the contract (download the sample contract), draw up receipts for the transfer of money (download the sample receipt).

In some tasks, you cannot issue a receipt with the contractor before starting work, since you do not meet with him personally. For example, if you need to “Arrive at point A, pick up the goods, give it to me at point B”. In this case, ask the person who will transfer the goods to draw up a receipt with the courier.

Check the performer's ID

If you are not ready to draw up the documents, check the contractor's passport details before starting cooperation. Take a picture of the pages with the name and registration, or rewrite this data.

When creating an assignment, you can indicate that the contractor must take a passport with him for paperwork.

A categorical refusal to provide documents is a reason to think about whether to cooperate with this person.

Refuse cooperation if another person came to carry out the task

Qjob performers provide services personally; they can send another person instead of themselves only by agreement with the customer.

If another person came to carry out your task, and the executor did not warn you, do not trust him with money, goods and other values. Refuse cooperation and write to the support service.