How to become a verified performer

If you want to improve the efficiency of your profile and perform more tasks on the service, we recommend that you go through automatic document verification and become a verified performer.

This status will add points to the rating, and your suggestions will be displayed above the responses of other artists.

How to verify documents

Verification of documents takes place online and takes 5 minutes. Prepare high-quality passport photos or selfies with a document in advance.

    Get the status of a Qjob artist.
    If you are already a performer, go to your profile and click the "Submit for verification" button.
    Upload a passport photo or selfie with a document.

Requirements for documents

    The check can be done only with a personal card of Bulgaria, for citizens of another country - a passport.
    The image should be of high quality, without glare. Do not process it in photoshop or other visual editors.
    The image format is JPG.
    Wait for the test results. It usually takes no more than 24 hours, but it can take up to 3 days. After successful confirmation of the documents, the "Verified Executor" icon will appear in your profile, which will increase the credibility of your profile.
    Frequently asked Questions

- How is the verification carried out and where will my data be stored?

Data checks are carried out by a Qjob specialist and are subsequently deleted. Qjob does not store data for itself.

- The photo is not loading, what should I do?

Check if the image meets the requirements. If the photo is of the required quality and format, but you cannot attach it, please contact support.

- I don't look like myself in the photo in my personal card - what should I do?

Don't worry if the photo on your personal card was taken a long time ago. If the verification fails, we will contact you to clarify the information.

- What will happen if I do not pass the test?

Those who have not confirmed the documents for Qjob can use the service as usual. But their suggestions will be displayed below the responses of verified performers.

- I did not pass the test the first time - what should I do?

You can send documents for verification an unlimited number of times. Prepare a quality photo and upload again.

- Why was I denied the status of a verified performer?

You did not pass document validation. Based on the verification results, we reserve the right not to assign a badge or block a profile.