What is an artist rating and why is it needed

Along with reviews, the rating helps customers select more experienced performers for their assignments. Each category on Qjob has its own performer rating.

The rating begins to form only after receiving the first review and is updated once a day.

What is it for
The rating determines where the performer's proposal will be. The higher the rating, the higher the response is placed.

If the performer is in the TOP-100 users with the highest rating in the category, the offer indicates its place.

Badges draw customers' attention to your profile, increase trust, and justify higher service costs.

The higher the rating, the more likely the customer will choose you.

How the rating is calculated

The main role in the ranking is played by the number of completed orders.

Over time, the influence of old tasks on the rating gradually decreases. To maintain a high position, complete assignments regularly and get positive feedback.

What is the base rating and how to get it
The base rating does not degrade over time.

What you need to do to get it:

Fill in the profile and Pass passport verification. Verify documents online and receive a Verified Executor badge.
Link social networks and confirm email. Link your real social media profiles and working mail.
Add description and examples of work.
Complete one task and get positive feedback
Top up personal account
What lowers the rating
Low grades for an assignment will lower the rating, try to be polite and do the job well.

Bad grades for the assignment. The lower they are, the less the increase in the rating. Bad grades for unfulfilled tasks are also taken into account.
Lack of activity on the service. If other performers complete tasks more often than you, they will overtake you in the rankings.
How the activity of other users affects the rating
The place of the performer in the rating depends not only on the number of completed tasks, but also on the activity of other Qjob users.

Example. Stefan and Atilla simultaneously became performers in the category "Renovation and construction". During the first week, Stefan went through a document check, added information about himself, a portfolio and successfully completed 3 orders. Atilla completed only 1 task and was lower in the rating.

The next week, Stefan was resting, and Attillan passed the document check, completed the profile, successfully completed 3 tasks and overtook Stefan.

- When will I get into the rating?

Immediately after completing the first task.

- Are completed assignments counted in other categories?

No. The rating is determined for each category separately.

- Why are the performers with fewer tasks higher than me in the rating?

We try to maintain healthy competition, so over time, the impact of old assignments on the artist's rating gradually decreases. Each new completed order with positive feedback gives a tangible increase.

- What will happen to the rating if the performer stops visiting the service?

If the performer has not completed a single task within a month, his rating is hidden. When a new offer is added, it starts to be calculated again taking into account all past merits, and upon successful completion of the next task, it is fully restored.

- What will happen if the task got into arbitration, but in the end it was closed as completed?

It will be counted in the ranking as a normal completed assignment.

- What if I have a low rating?

To increase your rating, fill out a profile, add a portfolio, confirm documents and get as many good grades as possible for completed assignments.

- What is the difference between a category rating and a subcategory rating?

Each subcategory has its own rating, which takes into account all the merits of the performers working in it. Sorting offers for the customer takes into account the rating of the subcategory in which the job is placed.