How to get an order for Qjob

If you have just become a performer, you have free access to any orders until you are chosen as a performer. We want you not to waste this time. Watch a short video and read tips from Qjob personal managers. These recommendations have been tested by time and thousands of performers.

Fill out your profile

When you apply for a job, you send your resume to the employer. Your Qjob profile is the same resume. You won't send a blank page and hope to be hired, will you? Profile - your chance to get an order, there are no reviews yet.

How to fill out a profile:

  • Avatar. Add a real avatar that will easily recognize you. The image should be bright and clear. A photo with your beloved dog is only suitable if you are overexposing animals. In the rest, add a good portrait. Better yet, a video. By the way, if you do not have suitable photos, you can always order a photo session at Qjob.
  • Text about yourself. Write 3-4 sentences about yourself and your work experience. Tell us about your main achievements and write what tasks you want to do on Qjob. If you are a designer, you shouldn't write about a black belt in karate, and if you plan to give fitness lessons, it is. For help in writing the text, you can contact the performers-copywriters or your personal manager. As soon as you leave the first offer, you will have his contacts in the Qjob chat.
  • Portfolio. Upload photos with examples of work. They should reflect your work and belong to you - respect copyright.

Think about what you will write to customers

Do not write “Ready to fulfill the order”, “I will do” - such formulations do not work. The offer is your advertisement. If you write only the name and phone number, it is unlikely that she will bring new customers.


Work experience. How many years have you been in the profession, what experience do you have, what do you do best? What benefits have your other clients or employers noted? If you have no experience yet, write that. The desire to develop and honesty attracts more than embellished truth.

About the details of the assignment - tell us how you plan to complete it, why your option is the best. This will help the client understand that you are an expert.
About discounts and offers. Show that you are interested and ready to accommodate the customer.

The first time on Qjob, while the rating is low, you will have to leave a lot of offers. To save time, create 2-3 proposal templates. Read the job descriptions carefully and supplement the template depending on the type of work.

Respond actively

The free trial period allows you to respond to all orders for 24 hours. It will take effect when you leave the first sentence. If you respond to an order at 23:00, it will end at 23:00 the next day.

Use the opportunity to get your first orders for free, be more active! In many categories on Qjob there is high competition, as a rule, to get one order, a beginner needs to leave at least 20-30 offers. With unlimited access, it's easy. Get ready, fill out a profile, create proposal templates - and go for it. You will succeed!