How to activate free access

After registration, we give new performers free access to orders. During this time, you will test the service and will be able to get the first task and positive feedback. Access is valid for all tasks in all categories until the moment you are chosen as the executor. To continue making offers for orders you will have to top up your account

Free access will appear immediately after you become a performer. To activate it, go to the page with a list of tasks, select the appropriate one and click "Add offer".

When the trial free access ends, the offers will become paid. To receive 1 order, new performers, as a rule, need to leave 10-15 proposals. Unlimited package of offers will help to reduce the cost of responses. With it, you can respond to an unlimited number of tasks in the subcategory or category in which you work.

An unlimited package of offers can be activated for 15, 30 or 90 days. The larger the unlimited package, the cheaper the response day. To choose the appropriate option, go to the page with rates on the site or go to the "Unlimited offers" tab on the profile page in the application.